I fucking hate this world,
I fucking hate myself.

Modification Blog #1 (Introduction)

I’m new to this whole Tumblr thing, i’m starting to enjoy it a lot!

My name is Shawn, i’m seventeen years old. The past few months I have taken quite an interest in Body Modification. A few months back I decided it was time for my first tattoo. I thought it through and decided that I wanted to get my first tattoos on my hands. Yeah, it might not have been the best descision, but it’s what I wanted. I started thinking about what I wanted to get a very long time ago. I decided my first tattoos were going to be for my parents.

I decided that I wanted deer on the top of my hands, because my dad was a hunter. I got the okay from my parents and went ahead and got them tattooed on my hands. I had an amazing first experience, the pain sucked a lot, but it was completely worth it. When they were finished I was so happy with the results. As soon as I left the tattoo parlor, I knew I wanted more. 

Through the next week of my healing process for my hands, I started thinking of what I wanted next. I decided that I wanted to get “Home Sick” across my fingers. My mom left me when I was younger and I have missed her tremendesly ever since. I decided it was right. So once again, I found myself in the tattoo parlor, getting tattooed. This time it went way different, the pain wasn’t nearly as much as when I got my hands done. I again fell in love with the experience.

Since then everything is all healed up and looking exactly how I wanted them to look. I’ve took a great interest in body modification, and everything that has to do with it. I’ve been planning on getting a bunch more tattoos, i’m just waiting for some money. 

Since my tattoos, I have been looking into piercings a lot lately, and I have a bunch planned. Almost a week ago, I got my ears pierced. The expirience was great. I decided there was no use in going to a shop to get them done, so I had my friend do them. He did a great job, he was completely safe, and sanatery. I’m currently waiting for them to heal. 

I plan on getting a bunch more piercings and tattoos, but in the meanwhile i’m going to wait for my ears to heal, and i’m going to start stretching. I can’t wait to start stretching, and getting other things pierced. I guess we will see what I get next!

Goal for the next couple weeks:

- Stretch my ears from a fourteen, to a twelve.

- Bridge.

- Lebret.

- Decide what’s next for tattoos.

- Decide what’s next for piercings.